Supporting the Church

Plymouth Congregational United Church of Christ is offering the feature of on-line giving through Vanco Services that provides a secure site for for your contributions, tithes and offerings.

  • You may automate your contributions by signing up on the secure site for direct debit from your checking account and directed to the various entities within the church. (i.e., General Fund, Benevolence, New Horizons Planning and Deveolpment, Food Pantry, etc.)
  • You may also make a one-time contribution to the church through the site.
  • Your automated giving allows the convenience of timed and regular giving to the church; support for the ministries and mission when you are out of town or church; and where the church can count on a regular stream of income.

Clicking the button below will take you to the secure site where you will be prompted to enter the necessary information and begin on-line giving!


  1. Jennifer Rellick

    Thank you for hosting The Racist Murder of Richard Collins III and the Fight Against the alt-Right.

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