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Plymouth Congregational United Church of Christ

Plymouth was founded in Washington, DC in 1881.  At its founding it was known as Plymouth Congregational Church of Washington, DC and its theological roots rested with the New England Congregationalists.  Historically the New England congregationalists were abolitionist, and later was greatly involved in the founding of many of what we know today as the Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs).  This has remained an important influence and source of pride for Plymouth UCC.  In 1957 the Congregationalists, Christian, Reformed and Evangelical Churches came together to create the United Church of Christ.  Plymouth like many other congregations around the country entered into this union and therefore became Plymouth Congregational United Church of Christ. We are a progressive community of faith; engaged in spiritual growth and biblical study; and we seek to apply the liberation teachings of Jesus the Christ to our everyday life.  On any given day you might find a Plymouth member testifying at City Council hearing or demonstrating to protect the rights of others.  We understand our scriptures to be  our grounding for and in this age.  If you would like to know more about the United Church of Christ click here.

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