This Week At Church – Please mark your calendars…

Dear Members and Friends: The following events will take place at PCUCC over the next week. Please mark your calendars. Feel free to direct any questions to the church office, either by phone (202-723-5330) or email.

Saturday, February 10th  

  • Diaconate Meeting and Sanctuary Set-up beginning at 10 am in the Sanctuary

Communion Sunday, February 11th   

  • Worship Service at 8 am and 11 am in the Sanctuary
  • Rev. Cerros at 3 pm in the Chapel

Tuesday, February 13th  

  • Steppin’ Out Group at 6:30 pm in the Lower Hall
  • Rev. Cerros at 7 pm in the Lower Hall

Ash Wednesday, February 14th –  Happy Valentines Day!

  • History of Liberation /Theology Class at 6 -8 pm in the Chapel
  • VOP rehearsal at 7pm in the Sanctuary

Thursday, February 15th  

  • Mid-day Bible Study at 12 noon in the Choir Room
  • Mid-Week Service at 6:30 pm in the Chapel
  • Stone Soul Group at 7 pm in the Lower Hall

Friday, February 16th 

  • Rev. Cerros at 7 pm in the Chapel

Saturday, February 17th  

  • Men’s Ministry at 9 am in the Choir Room
  • Town Hall Meeting WPFW at 10 am in the Chapel

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