Thank You for Your Support!

Dear Plymouth Members, 

The Board of Trustees wishes to express our sincere thanks for your consistent financial (by offering envelopes, VANCO online giving and the SQUARE) and volunteer contributions.  Your continued support is greatly appreciated!

During the past few months, Church members have shared their talents and creativity by taking the lead or participating in a variety of fundraising activities.  Each of these activities helped in raising additional funds to meet the Church’s budgetary goals and operational (planned or unplanned) needs. More importantly, many of these fundraising activities have promoted increased church fellowship and visibility in the community.   Many thanks to the following:

  • The fish fry team
  • The pew cleaning project
  • The art expo and art raffle
  • The jazz gospel and jazz jam programs
  • Talented musician concerts
  • The financial fast team
  • The change for change project

Members have also shared other worthy Ideas for future fundraising activities:

  • A church-wide pledge drive
  • Silent auction
  • Snack Pack  (lunch) Sunday’s
  • Church and community festival. 

These are just a few and more to come.  We would be remiss, however, if we did not thank all the various church organizations that continue to make annual or special contributions to the Church. We also thank the Church Administrator and building managers for their assistance.
All are welcome to share ideas and participate in any of the fundraising activities. No suggestion is too small and your participation is much needed!


Bonita Taylor, Board of Trustees Chair, and
Wilmatine Slaughter, Stewardship Chair 

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