Notes on Palestine, Part 4: Rev. Patricia Fears

Rev. Patricia Fears, Pastor, Fellowship Baptist Church, Washington, DC

December 4, 2016
Our delegate of pastors from America have been on a whirlwind “site survey”of occupied Palestine.
Today we went to Jericho where land mines and water shortages are a daily reality for the Palestinians in that territory . We made several stops on our journey but as it was yesterday we saw a tale of two cities.

First the incredible Hisham’s Palace restoration. The painstaking care and commitment to the restoration of Caliph Hisham bin Abd el-Malik 743 A.D. winter resort was joy to behold.  The pride and thorough understanding of this archeological prize was confide by our Palestinian guide as we walked among the vast 30x30m great bath with 38 colorful mosaic carpet. Then riding pass lust green row of date palms, wine grapes vines, banana and citrus tree we could discern the richness of the land.  But we also learned this was confiscated land by Zionists settlers. On the other hand the Palestinians rummaged through dry, stoned and debris filled land.  The water sources beneath the ground can not be accessed by these farmers without permits from the Israelis who choose not to grant them. They monitor by plane the occupied territory and demolish homes of any Palestinian trying to “illegally” provide water to their family. Over a 1000 people where living with limited  access to water for daily use. Each settler has daily access to the amount of water given to an Palestinian in a year. Let me say

The intricate mosaic consisting of million of tiny tiles make up the pattern found in these ruins.

that again, Each settler gets daily as much water as a Palestinian gets in a year! Essentially the water was taken taken by the settlers and now they charge the Palestinians three times the price to have access to their confiscated water. Just a reminder Jericho is in a desert range!

But that’s not the end of the story. Like  any good Christian we journeyed to the Jordon River. Minus the historical inaccuracy we made it to Jericho side of the river. Honestly it was hard to believe there was water in the area based on the barren land on each side of the road leading to the tourist entrance. The are was littered with ruins from what looked like churches. We soon learned we were passing through a 136 acre land mine. Many of us had to traverse figurative land mines to get to out point of baptism but this was a literal “for real” land mine.
These are all unacceptable and inhuman conditions for people to live in. Land grabbing and resource limitations is domination and destruction not theology. Truth has a name in this situation oppression, racism,injustice, I’ve seen truth!

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